JHQ™ internal jHIS™'s queuing system

If the logged in user has the privilege to use the jHQ queuing system and the jHIS system configuration is enabled visibility icons for calling tickets within the jHQ queue system, then at the top of the page (next to the user's login) the icon with the jHQ system logo is displayed.

Clicking this icon opens a new window for calling tickets for service posts. The window displays a list of buttons corresponding to the jHQ queuing system instance names. First, you should click the button with the name of the queuing system instance you will use.

After selecting the instance, a list of buttons with the names of posts defined within the selected jHQ™ queuing system instance will be displayed. To choose a post which the user will use, click the button with its name.

After selecting the post, a button will be displayed for calling up tickets to the post. The button is navy blue if any tickets are waiting to be called, and gray if there are no waiting tickets.

Clicking on the "Next ticket" button results in calling by the queuing system the next of the waiting ticket numbers (and therefore displaying its number on the display at the post) and displaying its number in the window for calling tickets (or displaying the message NONE if no ticket is waiting for a call).

The window for calling tickets should be kept open all the time to recall successive numbers of tickets to the post.