Cash withdrawals

Cash withdrawal

“Cash withdrawals” functionality in menu “Registration” is used to record facts of withdrawal of money from cash registers and to browse history of such withdrawals. After choosing this functionality there appears search form allowing to limit range of information about withdrawals made to particular unit and clinic / ward (choice of clinic / ward is possible only after choosing unit), operator (person that when taking payments has collected means from which withdrawal was made) and to period of visits realization. After specifying criteria and pressing the button of “Search” there appears list of made money withdrawals from cash registers. Under the list of withdrawals there is balance displayed which is a sum of amounts of particular documents and there id button named “Cash report” allowing to download (in PDF format) and print (in prescription format) cash report based on entered search criteria.

Under search form there is visible also the button named „Withdraw” that allows to report a fact of money withdrawal. After clicking this button there appears form in which one has to specify unit and clinic / ward which disposes the cash register from which withdrawal was made, amount withdrawn and optionally operator from which means withdrawal is made and then to confirm fact of making withdrawal with the button named „Withdrawn”.